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Posted 29 Dec 2016 // 0 comments (+)

I feel like 2016 is going to be one of the years I'd reflect back to the most and as I'm going to take a step closer to being 17 years old in less than three months (we're also nearing 2017), I felt a strong urge to share 16 things I've learned throughout my 16 years of life. So, here we go.

1. Appreciate the detailsTake a minute to stop and look. Notice all the colours, smell and even the behaviours of the people you are with. These are the things that helped me see the world in a such beautiful way.

2. Be blunt. Say out the thoughts you have in your head. You can never get your points across by beating around the bush. If someone doesn't like it, it is not your problem. Not everyone thinks the same way you think but it's not a free pass to condemn others.

3. Know exactly what you want and don't stop until you get it.

4. If it makes you nervous, it's worth giving a shot. Your comfort zone will always be there. You have to make yourself do some crazy things once in a while. Nike got it right when they decided to go with 'just do it'. It's like jumping off a cliff over the ocean, deep down you know nothing major is going to happen but the hardest thing is to take the plunge. (But please don't jump off a cliff)

5. Fucking things up is normal. It's okay. You're young and it'll happen to everyone. Don't beat up yourself over that shit forever. After all, mistakes are the best teacher.

6. Your efforts won't betray you. There are no downsides to putting effort into the things you do. Your relationship, your friendships, your studies, or the sports you do. It doesn't matter how big or small of a thing it is, effort never betrays you and it brings you a lot of good things. 

7. Give people the love you've never received. Pour love into every single person you meet and stop when they prove that they no longer deserve it.

8. Tell people how you feel. You will feel so much better. Remember those little compliments you give people in your head? Next time, just tell them when you have the opportunity because you never know how it can affect their day.

9. Capture a lot of moments every now and again. Don't just take pictures, videos are just as important. Stop complaining when someone wants to take a picture of you just because your hair doesn't look good. One day, you will cherish that memory and be happy you have something to look back on from it.

10. You're plain out stupid if you put anything above your family.

11. Life is unfair. But try not to be jealous of something or someone. It's toxic. Just keep living. What you have right now is someone else's dream. Comparison is the thief of all joy.

12. Not everyone will stay. People come and go. Friends are going to leave but they'll be replaced with the most unexpected people you could think of. And because of them, you'll know the difference between friendships that can go quiet but still burn on and a flaky one.

13. Cherish the ones that put up with you. Nothing really lasts, don't take people for granted.

14. Change is not a bad thing. It is okay to look different or be different from who you used to be, or maybe be in a different situation from what you're used to. In order to be who you are now and the person you are in the future, it takes a change. Trust me, one day you will not recognize yourself from any other you's you were before and you will love the changes more than the comfort of familiarity.

15. Have fun. You're not getting any younger, don't stress out too much.

16. Love yourself for who you are. There's no one on this planet quite like you and that is something to be proud of. You're enough, you're special and you deserve every ounce of life and love this world has to offer. Don't let anyone, including your own thoughts to define you otherwise.

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Posted 25 Nov 2016 // 0 comments (+)

Wait right there- before I get into whatever the thing I'm writing about (yes, I have no plans on writing about something), let's just have a moment of silence for the promise I've broken to not go on another long hiatus which I just did. I am deeply sorry and embarrassed of myself for not being able to keep up with it.

First and foremost, 2016 had been hella hectic and there were so many things I had pushed aside to be able to sustain the tasks that were basically thrown right at me in the freaking face. And that's why I hadn't been able to update any posts throughout these months. One of the main reason I'm still keeping a blog is because I wanted to jot down and list all the possible memories, both good and bad, for my future self as remembrances. Clearly, I'm not doing what I was supposed to be doing and that's sad.

Enough with the blabbers, let me take you back to March of 2016.

March had always been my favourite month, well obviously since I'm a March baby. Apparently, it was different this year. I hated it. I'm not hating it no more but loathing, yes. Like I've said, I sat for a big exam last year which is PT3, and my results were so-so. I did applied for boarding schools and managed to get in for the second in-take (maybe). When I didn't make it for the first in-take, god knows how upset I was.

I was one of those kids who really wanted to get into boarding school. Despite having that 'only once in a lifetime' offer like most of the people I know said, I had to reject it under some circumstances. I admit, I cried a lot because of it and it took me so long to get over the fact that I can't and won't go to that particular school that I've envision myself enrolling since I was 12 years old. I was heartbroken. It sounds so dramatic, but if you know me well, you'd know how ambitious I am and how I've planned every single thing for the future. And not being able to reach for my goals, I felt like my whole life is over. HA.

At the same time, I was also having my exams for the first time for upper secondary. I flunked every subjects. My grades dropped badly. I guess it had to do with the offer I got and how I was emotionally unstable at that time. I think I was in the the 20th place in my batch, which is the worst I've ever been. I was and still not the best student, however it is important for me to make myself securing the 10th place and below in my batch, and getting 20th is distressing.

Then, in the mid to the end of school year, I began to improve my grades and also focusing my studies, completing my assignments and other school related stuffs. I had a lot going on and I didn't have a balance life (I had zero shits about my social life basically). It wasn't all that great, but it was all worth it. I mean, you had to give up something to achieve something that's way better, right? And I'm glad I did that.

On second thought, maybe I should've live a little. I wasn't paying attention to my mental health at all and it f***ed me up a lot. It wasn't fun.

Contrary to all that, I met a looooooots of new people that are significant to my life. I have new friends that I've felt like I've known them for years. I don't think I'll be able to survive my school year without them. Man, they're gold. My gold. I can't wait to suffer again with them next year. They just make suffering... a little bit less sufferable.

Also, I have no idea how I ended up hanging out with a bunch of guys this whole year instead of having real friends that are the same gender. Help.

So, I guess that's my school year in a nutshell. There's still a lot more to tell but I won't be able to write it all in one day, trust me.

Till next time, goodbye!

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